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Some of our success business cases
The building
Location: La Rioja, Spain
Type: Rural
Category: Bottling plant and offices
Sector: Industrial
Date: Sept. 2012 - Present

iGreen Energy Manager Service Objective
Energy Engineering from the figure of the Energy Manager, based on iGreen tool for management, control and monitoring of energy consumption. Follow-up measurements analyzing the building energy consumption patterns and energy performance thereof for the parameterization of the facilities.

Final Goal Reducing energy consumption of the building and achieving financial savings to the customer. Certifications

Actions taken
Implementation of monitoring and management consumption by platform iGreen, remaining fuel consumption reduction, anomalous and latent. Optimization of energy supply prices. Managing consumption patterns, habit changes. All without new investment.

Monetary impact
Equipment investment + Energy Manager Investment
Savings of 32% detected by removing latent consumption and energy demand management
Inversion recovery: 9 months
The building
Location: Valencia, Spain
Type: Urban
Category: Food industry
Sector: Industrial
Date: March 2013-present

Objective iGreen Service
Conducting energy audit. The works carried out are aimed thoroughly testing the technical and economic feasibility of the actions has performed with the best practices and technologies, using management, monitoring and control tool of energy demand by iGreen, which used to represent the main thereon existing consumption so that it can perform continuous monitoring of the consumption of the installation.

Final Goals Check the current consumption and the effect of energy saving measures (monitoring and verification of savings).
Check the current consumption through indicators (KPIs) that monitor the behavior of the main consuming equipment.

Operations by iGreen
Determine how you consume the production plant, disintegrating energy consumption between different installations in the factory.
To follow up on the measurement and verification of energy savings (by international protocol and verification measurement IPMVP) obtained in the remodeling of the installation of auxiliary services to production. Contents via iGreen and according IPMVP energy savings achieved in this remodeling regarding the current situation over the years under the contract energy services outsource energy management of the plant.