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Service of energy audit

IGreen Audit, the Ongoing Energy Audit: Through our consulting service, at iGreen we aim to give a service whose objective is to reduce the energy costs by optimizing both the price and consumption , advising and taking into account all your needs, with an ongoing and independent follow-up which ensures a constant improvement, thus achieving the following:

- To reduce the energy cost

- To increase the control and information about the consumption
   and price

- To be able to perform more precise forecasts

iGreen will accompany your business while optimizing your energy costs. By joining the expertise and knowledge of your hotel’s maintenance staff with that of our team of energy efficiency professionals, we will detect, design and develop Energy Efficiency and Saving Measures (EESM) according to the detected needs, and prioritize their action according to their technical and financial feasibility.

As more and more saving is achieved, there will be new opportunities or simple readjustments of already-taken measures that could improve its saving, therefore we will always ensure the optimization of the energy costs through an ongoing improvement.

New model:

Ongoing follow-up of the consumption.

Optimization of the energy costs.

Prices: Power optimization.

Consumption: low-, medium- and
  high-investment EESM.

Proposal, execution and following-up of the   EESM.

EESM readjustments as they develop   over time.

Study of the Building’s real needs.

Saving measuring and checking according   to the IPMVP international protocol.