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Energy certification service

CE3 Certification:

The Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade has prepared a draft Royal Decree approving the basic procedure for the Certification of Existing Buildings Energy Efficiency, Royal Decree 235/2013, of April 5, by approving the basic procedure for certification of energy efficiency of buildings.

At different times, but always in less than five years, must obtain Energy Performance Certificate all buildings nominal installed power of more than 400 kW. This applies both in tertiary buildings: hotels, hospitals, schools, public buildings, ... and in those private buildings with intent to be rented, sold or transferred.

To obtain this qualification, Euroconsult already available to the public the experience of 40 years working in the construction market and certification of buildings, and their best engineers to advise on optimal saving those measures that make this certification useful making an investment spending.

LEADER and CALENER Certification:

The computer program is a tool Calener promoted by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, through the IDAE, and the Ministry of Housing, which determines the level of energy efficiency for a building.