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In any plan of energy efficiency plan, one of the paramount aspects is the “measuring of the energy consumption”.

To manage building energy demand we rely on our patented inBuilding Smart Grid, it is a combination of the building's electrical grid with an advanced telecommunications network with sensors, analyzers and actuation devices, managed independently and intelligent specific energy-saving algorithms.Always ensure the safety and comfort of users.

It is important to be aware of the fact that the monitoring does not generate any saving by itself. However, the potential to achieve the saving it offers is vital, which is why Euroconsult has adopted to integrating ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to its platform.

The main goal of this stage is to provide the building’s grid with intelligence, thus managing the building’s energy demand. This action benefits us, to avoid consumption peaks and to act upon the power rate.

At Euroconsult we have taken a step forward by providing the advantage that differentiates us with a new audit model, the iGreen audit, a tailor-made consulting service for both the client and the building, iGreen Energy Manager

iGreen EM in building objetives

   We identify improvement actions.

   Determine which elements are subject to an update.

   Design action plans and technical assistance during the plan execution.

   Integrate the energy consumption elements by means of energy saving actuators and intelligent

   Test and monitoring results.

   We also test and monitor the obtained results in order to produce audit reports.

   Oriented service for policy certification of building energy efficiency.

   Principal main: Create saving.

iGreen EMS in
building objectives

• TO CREATE SAVING, Reducing the energy

• To improve the sustainability and to reduce
  the CO² emissions.

• To monitor and centrally Control the energy

• To determine costs per unit of consumption.

• To act upon the components of the building’s
  consumption in real time.

• To measure the water, light, gas

• To transform the building’s grid into a smart